Plan a Night Out with Friends on a Party Bus

Night Out Party Bus Las Vegas

Having a fun night out in the town with all your close buddies on a party bus is a fantastic way to commemorate your special occasions. But before arranging a party bus, you must plan and prepare for the party ahead of time. It will ensure having a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Here are a few things to consider while renting a party bus for organizing a memorable night out with friends.

Choosing a Perfect Party Bus

Party buses generally vary in size, interior design, and features. Ensure the party bus you choose matches your party size, the kind of entertainment space you want for the party, and also fits in your budget.

Consider Decoration and Entertainment

A themed party is always a great way to celebrate any event on a party bus. Check with the party bus company and see if they can handle the decorations. Besides decoration, ensure that the entertainment options in a party bus also are according to your wish. A party bus usually has amenities like a sound system, disco light, and dance floor. Ask the company if it can provide add-on entertainment options like a karaoke system, foosball tables, etc. Also, ask if the company can arrange for exotic dancers and DJs.

Decide for the Party Refreshments

Check with the party bus company if they can arrange for food and drinks aboard. Most companies offer an in-house catering service, and if they don’t, ask if you can get your snacks and stock the bar with your favorite drinks. If one of your stops during your journey on the party bus is a restaurant, where you will have dinner, then you can get light finger foods as snacks and simple cold drinks and mixes on the party bus. If you bring your refreshments, ensure they last for as long as the party continues.

Look for the Rental Cost

When speaking on average, the starting rental fee for party buses is $100-$300 per hour. Many companies may not include the driver’s gratuity in the base charge, and you may have to pay it later. Confirm this before signing the rental agreement. Also, inquire about the other charges which may get added to your final bill. These usually include possible overtime charges and also charges for add-on entertainment.

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