Rental Tips

Everyone wants to celebrate events and festivals in a unique way. The trend of hiring a party bus for birthdayprombachelor or bachelorette is on fire. But, with dozens of party bus companies in town, sometimes it becomes hard to find a good one. To get the most out of your party bus rental, you need be cautious while choosing the party bus service. Here are a few party bus rental tips to help you decide on a good party bus company.


The best way to stumble upon a good service provider is to seek references. You can look for recommendations from your friends, family or acquaintances. Being their past customers, they can tell you honest and non-biased opinion about the company.

Online Reviews

In today’s digital era, almost every company has its online presence. You can check reviews and ratings of companies over the internet. The testimonials from their past clients will help you decide on the company.


Look for the experience of the company in the industry. An old and experienced company will be able to serve its clients in a better way. They will better understand the taste and preferences of the customers. Moreover you can expect quality services from them.


Choose a party bus service that has a large fleet of vehicles. When you go with a reputed company, you’ll surely get good options to choose from. Do not fall in trap of small or new companies offering cheap party bus rentals.

Vehicle Inspection

Many companies use stock images of vehicles to display a good showcase. It is crucial for you to do a physical inspection of the vehicle before you sign the contract. It is because, sometimes the vehicle displayed on the website is totally different from what you receive.

Rental Cost

Cost is one of the most crucial factors we should consider before buying anything. It applies even when you consider renting a party bus. Usually, companies will tell you the base price of the vehicle that might look cheap at first glance. But, the final bill is totally different from what you thought. You will see several addons like fuel surcharge, driver’s gratuity, toll charges, administration charges, etc., increasing your total bill to over 30%. Therefore, you must discuss these addons with the service provider before signing the contract.


Safety is the biggest factor that comes even before fun and fee. Ensure that the party bus service you are hiring is insured and certified. Also verify if the chauffeurs hold a valid licensed and are well experienced.